I Have Disabled Google FLoC

Google has rolled out a new feature called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) that tracks users’ activity across websites. Google says FLOC helps them better understand their users’ interests and preferences. FLoC is a way for Google to track user activity across its various products.

I Have Disabled Google FLoC To Protect My Website Visitors

Google is always developing new and innovative ways to collect user data. With their new FLOC, Google can track user behavior and data in a more efficient way. They can do this because they have created a way for the customer to give access to their data without taking away any privacy.

Google’s new FLOC will be used as an internal tool for the company to collect data on how users interact with their products. In the future, this information could improve the user experience of Google products.

Google Floc is a new algorithm that Google has been using to rank websites. It is an algorithm that was introduced in 2018 and it is now being used by Google as a ranking factor for websites.

It is important to note that this algorithm only affects the search results page, meaning that it does not affect the actual website content. This means that disabling Google Floc will not have any effect on our website content and our visitors will still be able to see your content as normal.

Opting out ideally is handled by the user, who can customize their browser settings to disable FLOC while surfing around the Web. But as a responsible website owner we have disabled it from our server side so it gets disabled all the websites on our server.

Since we respect our website visitors and users’ privacy hence disabled FLoC on all our websites, e.g. healthcarentsickcare.com, vismithams.in, pathologylabinpune.in

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